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    Caux Collective’s Artist Seventy-Two: Volume Ten

    For this volume of Artist Seventy-Two, choosing Bristol’s resident Graffiti King, Banksy, as the featured Artist was less of an if we would choose him, but more of a when we would decide to put him in, and we thought that now was just as good a time as any. It’s hard for us personally because as we would usually do with an Artist, we’d search the internet for facts about them, view lots of their work to pick appropriate images from, maybe read a few stories or articles about them, and build a fresh impression of who they are and what they do, so that we could write from a neutral perspective, for those of you reading who may never have heard of the Artist, or had particularly appreciated their work before. But that being said, when it comes to Banksy, it’s quite a quandary that we find ourselves in. We’re all aware of his anonymity, so we can’t talk about who he actually is, and when it comes to his work, well.. Who has never heard of Bansky?

    It would be fair to say that this has been probably the hardest volume to write so far, for multiple reasons. Not only because whatever we write, the ‘who he is’ part will always be vacant, and whilst it would make sense to write more about the Art he makes instead, we’ve always thought the Art should speak for itself, and it’s so hard to sum up why we love and admire Banksy in just a couple paragraphs, that it leaves quite a muddle as to what we should and shouldn’t say. Nonetheless, indecisions aside, we are all in agreement that it certainly takes a very special Artist to evoke such strong emotions from such hilariously poignant Art and one thing that definitely draws much adoration from us here at Caux Collective, is his constant ironic contradictions, and humorous self-directed criticism, that causes you to ask questions about your own thoughts and criticisms on many relevant and topical subjects across global media.

    A few examples are shown in two of the pieces we’ve includes, that centre around the quotes, “If Graffiti changed anything - it would be illegal” and “One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings - Diogenes.” Obviously you don’t need to have what it means explained to you, but when you see these examples of classic irony and wit being mixed into such incredibly well-made street Art, you can’t help but be won over, by any number of his methods, intentions, delivery or style. At least we can’t anyway. As we previously said, we could write all day about why we love Banksy and go on describing our favourite pieces of his for hours, but there probably aren’t many things we could say, that haven’t already been said by somebody else before - ironically, similar to Banksy’s work.

    Unsurprisingly Banksy isn’t easily found in many places on the internet, as is to be expected from a world-famous, anonymous graffiti-Artist, but he does have a website where you can find pictures of most of his art, and a recently updated “Questions” section, that showcases a small selection of brilliantly sarcastic replies to a number frequently asked questions. We encourage you to check out more of his work, as we have barely scratched the surface of the stamp he has left - and continues to leave - across the world, and also make sure to look out for his extraordinary book titled, ‘Wall and Piece’ or the graffiti-orientated film he directed from 2010 named, ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ if you like.

    Visit Banksy’s Website @ http://www.banksy.co.uk/

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    Kissing coppers, Banksy

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    You’re never too young to dream big

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    Banksy - Blank Walls are Criminals | #Banksy #streetart #art #stencil #stencilart #wall #protest #graffiti #rdnslv43

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    Castles in the sky - Banksy


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