1. pasionporcolombia:

    These are just so good.

    Buñuelos (by crhx84)

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  2. briangmoreno:

    Fucking heaven, mom made empanadas

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  3. cosascolombianas:

    This is perfect at like 1 am and you got some mean munchies.
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  4. cosascolombianas:

    I’ll eat this all day, everyday.


  5. the-unpopular-opinions:

    Not all gum though. Just the really good flavored ones.

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  7. joshhoyos:

    #Empanadas!!!!! The joys of being #Colombian (Taken with instagram)

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  8. psychotic-littledumpling:

    Food from the heavens! :P

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  9. dianamsolanof:

    <3 my life. 

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