1. Festival Estéreo Picnic
    Bogotá, Colombia 


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    “Bug’s Life” Graffiti in Kennedy / Bogota, Colombia » June 3rd, 2011

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    Vista de Bogota despues de la lluvia :)

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    Tabogo Memories


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    Viernes a la noche. #streetart #Bogota (Taken with instagram)


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    “But if this ever-changing world in which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die” *BOOM* *CRASH* *BOOM* *CRASH*

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  9. kafata:

    And here’s Paul being adorable and speaking Spanish.

    “Tres conejos… en un arbol… tocando el tambor… que si, que no, que si lo he visto yo!” 

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  10. codigo57:

    Fuegos artificiales desde mi ventana durante la canción “Live and Let Die” interpretada por Paul McCartney en Bogotá

    Abril 19 de 2012

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  11. Tres conejos en un árbol, tocando el tambor. Que sí. Que no. ¡Que sí lo he visto yo!
    — Sir Paul McCartney

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    Libertad para Ublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. fuckyeahlatinamericanhistory:

    Today In Latin American History

    On April 9, 1948, Colombian presidential candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán (pictured above) was assassinated in the streets of Bogotá, setting off a wave of violence and rioting now known as the Bogotazo. The day’s events resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and the burning and destruction of much of the city. Eventually, the Bogotazo marked the beginning of a decade-long period of violent internal conflict termed  La Violencia.

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  15. hostilegospel:

    This photo was taken on the cable car that goes to the top of Monserrate, a mountain that towers above Bogota, Colombia.  At the top is a beautiful cathedral and garden.  It is one of Bogota’s biggest attractions, and and icon of the city.

    Camera:  Canon Digital Rebel XSi

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