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  3. take-it-in-stride said: unpopular opinion: this is hard to read.
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  5. the-college-graduate said: Obvious blanket sttement is obvious. If you ever were to come to the States, you would see that most of us are NOT like this. It’s the government that people don’t care for.
  6. mugglebornshadowhunter said: icantreadwhatyouwrote derp
  7. scardybrat said: Citizens have no power…we just live here and try to fight for better rights. The gov just doesn’t listen. Our gov is fucking up the face of America. Pretty sure you dicks never think of that. Maybe you should read up on the American Judicial System
  8. clitorist said: another solid color choice from the unpopular opinions submissions
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  11. crable said: Can’t read it. Whoops.
  12. jedimasternickx said: So the American government is suppose to mind its own business, yet keep up with every country. I dont agree with my government’s decisions most of the time but America is under enough financial stress and other countries dont need to be our priority
  13. theoldvo said: My color blindness issue could not allow me to read this. And apparently, I’m not the only one, and I doubt all of the people who couldn’t read this have some color blindness issues. Make it readable.
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  15. rainb0w-hipsters said: lawl, you obviously have never been here, and not even most or many people do that.
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  17. becoming-dust said: Get photoshop add picture Write your shit Add stroke ??? Profit
  18. masaltoquenubenueve said: While I agree, the USA isn’t the only country that has a tendency to stick it’s nose in other people’s business. A lot of the countries that have membership in NATO do the same thing.
  19. fuck-banter said: I’m sure this would have made very good point…if I could fucking read it.
  20. lukeguystalker said: oh god… I live inside of regina george D:
  21. classyallure said: I cannot read this.
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  25. vewn said: I will not read this, it’s just unfair to my eyes
  26. undeadbeautyx said: "The reason most of the world dislikes the USA…" AND I’M DONE
  27. itskittentits said: Can hardly read that bro.
  28. smokeinthelabyrinth said: Cant even read this shit.
  29. ashleyprasad said: I see the word “butting into everyone’s business”
  30. patcheel said: I can’t read anything that says.
  31. aprilcalypse said: what does this even say